It's Sonny and Molly! I could go on and on, but I am going to let the article do it for you! Just click the following link to read about "Two best friends, One big dream!"

Dixie Dog of the Week!





Making A Difference One Dog At A Time

Just Senior of the Week! 

We at Dixie Dog Rescue truly cater to seniors. We don't like to see seniors live out their days in shelters. 

Every Senior dog should know a soft place to sleep with warmth and love. Wouldn't you want the 

same for yourself when you are a senior? 

We Need YOU! 

Love Dogs, but don't have ability to have one full time? Want to spend time with dogs on your spare time just to get out of the house? A pups love is endless especially when you pet a head or two and take one for a walk. Well, we have the answer at Dixie Dog Rescue! 

Come volunteer for a few hours and leave renewed. 

​Look who has been adopted!!! That's right! Kirby, Junebug, Dottie, and a few others that aren't pictured yet. We strive to have our babies adopted to good homes! Go check out our facebook page to see updated pics of these pups in their new homes!